How AirfareNinja Works

AirfareNinja finds the best deals, then texts you the ones you'll love.


We search high and low to find underpriced airfare. The deals we find include airline sales and unusually low airfare due to temporary excess capacity, new low-cost ticket availability, seasonal price reductions, mistakes, and other reasons.


We filter the deals and select only the best to deliver. Most deals we find are 60 - 75% off their normal price.

Curation and Delivery

Once we're satisfied that we've found the best possible prices, we curate deals that are a match for you and send you a text message notification. To book the deal, just click the link in the text and follow the instructions.


We're currently in Beta.

AirfareNinja Basic

Basic Beta plan: $5/month*

We'll text you with around 4 amazing, curated deals per month, all departing from your home city. If you want more options, you can always log into your account to view additional deals from your home city that didn't quite make the cut.

*The Basic plan is $5 / month while we're in Beta. The regular price is $9.98 / month. You're guaranteed the Beta price through June 1st, 2016, but we may choose to extend the Beta beyond June.

Features in Development

While in Beta you'll be able to subscribe to the best deals departing from your city. In the future you'll be able to add your own filters to help you find the vacation of your dreams and within your budget.

We currently support subscriptions from Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. We'll be adding more cities soon. Want AirfareNinja in your city? Send us an email here.


Have questions? Send us mail!

Contact Info

1000 Olin Way, Needham, MA 02492